GeogSpace and Geography Careers

If you wish to promote Geography to your students, check out the GeogSpace website for more ideas and links.

Geography Promotional Posters

A flyer for Year 10 to 12 students that highlights the [ Article W9GJHEUF3TI6QBT6MWTSS1ET131ZL1 not found.] that offer Geography related courses at an undergraduate level.

If you are interested in promoting Geography to your primary classroom and secondary classroom then these linked posters may be useful for you!

Careers in Geography Flyer

A promotional flyer for careers in Geography is available from the GAWA office at a minimal cost. Page 1 of the flyer provides an indication of the format of the resource. These flyers are available from the GAWA office.

GeogSpace and the Australian Curriculum

GeogSpace, an initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers Association (AGTA) supported by the resources of Education Services Australia (ESA). 

There has never been a more exciting time to study geography, with it being a subject vital to the education of every young Australian in the 21st century. GeogSpace has been designed to provide materials to support primary and secondary teachers in implementing the Australian Curriculum: Geography. It has been developed by AGTA's team of practising geography teachers, dedicated to ensuring all schools across Australia have access to a unique resource that reflects best practice using current technology and pedagogies.

GeogSpace offers quality primary and secondary geography resource materials for all teachers of geography, including those that are very experienced and those just commencing their involvement. The materials will support teachers to develop their knowledge, skills and pedagogical capacity to teach geography of the highest quality. 

Geography Tutors

If you're a Geography Tutor then you may wish to forward your details to the GAWA office. The GAWA office receives a number of enquiries over the course of the year for tutors and GAWA is willing to provide your details to prospective parents and students.

AGTA's Latest Newsletter

AGTA's newsletter is now available in the Members' Area.

HASS Article - 'Where HASS THou Gone'

GAWA's Bulletin

TPrevious issues of the GAWA Bulletin is now available on-line in the Members' Area.  Note that the GAWA Bulletin is no longer published.

Do you have any interesting photos relevant to our Geography courses?

We are looking to add more photos to our new website. If you'd like to share them with your fellow geographers then upload them through the Members' Upload facility or forward them to

Kimberleys 3      Ear of wheat

                                                               Photograph by Kitty Marshall                                            Photograph by Phil Houweling