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GAWA's Young Geographer of the Year Competition 2018

Results: 2018 Competition

Congratulations to all the students who have taken part in this year's competition.

Year 7 -   First Prize Winner: Jasmin Joyner ( John Willcock College)

Year 8 -   First Prize Winner: Amelie Bishop ( Perth College)

Year 9 -   First Prize Winner: Shimaa Ibrahim ( Perth Modern School)

Year 11 - First Prize Winner: Katelin Hawes (Perth College)

Year 12 - First Prize Winner: Anna Renshaw ( Perth College)

GAWA's Young Geographer of the Year Competition 2018

This is the first year of GAWA’s new look: ‘Young Geographer of the Year’ competition.  The concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection and sustainability are central to the study of Geography.  This year’s competition allows students to explore their favourite Western Australian place.  Students should consider how their favourite Western Australian place is shaped by geographical processes – both physical and human; the people and connections that make this place meaningful; and the sustainability (social, economic and environmental) of their favourite place.

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