Semester 2 2016 Exams

The order form for the Semester 2 exams is now available. The Year 11 exam package assesses the Unit 1 & Unit 2 content & skills, with separate exam apckage assessing only the Unit 2 content & skills.  The Year 12 exam package assesses the UNIT 3 & Unit 4 content & skils.

GAWA's Year 12 Unit 3/4 Text for 2016

Place your pre-publication order by completing the [ Article 4QDLMYWU7U44YK9N0ZTKIBU7YVR6N0 not found.].

AGTA's DVD for AC and Resources

AGTA has produced a teacher resource DVD especially for the AC. It contains planning proformas, links, examples, activities and presentations that support professional learning. You may wish to consider it as you commence your development of your AC courses.

AGTA's textbooks relevant for the AC, for both Primary and Secondary, are available for perusal by clicking here.

GAWA's Textbooks

GAWA has published six texts for the Western Australian Curriculum. More details about each text can be found on the [ Article XAXUS5SSUDC9OGK0OA8ZK62BVE6M8I not found.].  GAWA members should head to the Members' Area for details on their order form. 

Primary Teacher Resource for AC

Check out this AGTA endorsed Primary Teacher resource - useful for AC implementation!

Past GAWA Exams and Broadsheets/WACE Broadsheets

If you're looking for sets of past GAWA examinations or broadsheets then backcopies are available at a reduced rate. Complete the [ Article HZB6PG4EFYGUAPKM8U1AZMXJXDR40X not found.] and forward it to the GAWA office.

AGTA Resource

AGTA has produced a DVD containing a range of resources to enable you to "explore geography in the 21st century". Check out the flyer.

AGTA's 'thinking geographical' is a DVD supporting the implementation of the AC. For more details, click here.

AGTA has produced a Civics and Citizenship DVD for the AC. For more details, click here.

Careers in Geography Flyer

A promotional flyer for careers in Geography is available from the GAWA office at a minimal cost. Page 1 of the flyer provides an indication of the format of the resource. These flyers are available from the GAWA office.

Port Beach after a storm                        Lake Clifton stromatilites

                                             Port Beach after a storm (Steve Lowry)                                    Lake Clifton's thrombolites (Steve Lowry)

Kimberleys 2 Floating islands Lake Titikaka

                                Photograph by Kitty Marshall                                                                  Photograph by Norm Snell